Sun 03 Jul 2022 11:33

You can buy memberships online using the "Membership" tab at the top of each page. Clicking on one of the membership categories will enable you to purchase membership via the RFU's "Game Management System". You can find below a guide to the membership purchase process written by the company that runs the RFU's GMS system.

You can also find a video guide to signing up (based on senior playing membership) here and a video guide to buying minis / junior membership (including how to buy multiple memberships at one time) here.

If you get stuck please email:

Here is a walk-through guide and a guide to some issues that people sometimes encounter:

1. You will find the details of membership categories in the “Memberships” tab. Go to that page and select the right sort of membership

2. Click on purchase and you will be redirected to an RFU database (it will have the web address This website does not work well on mobile and doesn't work at all well in the Safari mobile browser so it's best to do it on a PC and use either Chrome (seems to work best) or Explorer as your browser.

3. If you / your child was previously registered with Park House you will have an account on the RFU system (but you may not know the user name or password). Your user name will be on any official email that you got from Park House (look right at the bottom). And you can ask the system to In this case you should click on "forgot password" to get a prompt sent to your registered email address. Follow the instructions on that email and create a new password. When you log in you will be asked to verify the email - click the button and that will generate an email (also from First Sports) with a link in it that you have to click. You should now be able to log in and "buy membership". It may be easiest to use the membership page on this website to ensure that you go straight through to the membership purchase page.

4. If you do not get the “forgot password” email that will be for one of two reasons: (a) that system generated email will come from "First Sports" and may go into your spam / junk email folder. Please check there; or (b) the RFU database may have an old email address for you – check other email accounts (if you still have access to them). If you still cannot find the email contact

5. If you are buying membership for your child and your child has not previously be registered at Park House you will need to create an account on the RFU website. You need to create an adult account as well as an account for your child. Create the adult one first and then you will be asked whether you want to add a child once you have created the adult account. Important point - if you are buying membership for your child you must register the membership against your child and not purchase the child membership for yourself.

6. Once you have created accounts for you / your child (or if that is already done) then you can buy the membership. For children you should click on the child to buy the membership for them rather than yourself. If you are buying senior membership and child membership the system will discount the cost of the child membership to zero - child membership is free to paying senior players - but you must apply for and pay for bothg memberships at the same time to make this happen and get the discount

7. To checkout you might have to click on "More" in the top right corner which will give you the check-out option

8. That will take you to a payment section where you can choose to pay in various different ways. Again you might need to click on "more" to see the "pay" button.